Green Construction


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words….

This photo below shows scientific evidence of thermodynamic heat loss in a typical home.  This is visible on a the siding of a home when the temperature reaches the “dew point,” creating a visual illustration of the heat escaping from the home through the wood studs.  The dark areas on the photo show insulation.

Seeing is Believing!

Homes built by EverGreen (below) show a significant reduction in heat loss.  SIPs allow us to reduce the amount of heat transfer and increase overall wall R-Values.

Heat Transfer

Highest Energy Star Ratings

What is a HERS Score Rating?

The Home Energy Rating System, known as HERS is a performance based measurement system that scores a home relative to the energy use of the HERS index.  Lower scores mean better efficiency.

HERS Index

Why Does the HERS Index Matter?

HERS index of 40 means that the home is estimated to save 60% of the energy of a standard new home.  The lower the score, the less money you will spend on utility bills.  Our last home tested at a 39; cost to operate:

The projected annual utility bills: $2,200

The actual  annual utility bills: $1,065

Total Cost Per Month: $88.75

(complete utility bills including service charges & taxes)


Starting with a Solid Foundation

Every home begins with the foundation.  EverGreen homes utilize proven concrete building methods that insulate the home properly, evacuate moisture around and under the foundation walls and mitigate harmful radon gases.


Thermomass Insulated Foundation:

Two reinforced concrete walls separated by 2-1/2” of closed cell foam insulation, poured in place.

  • Inside wall is isolated from elements
  • Creates a “thermo-mass” effect
  • Typical wall has an effective R-Value of R-24
  • Exceeds current building codes

Eliminate Moisture Related Issues

  • Condensation occurs on the outside wall
  • Closed cell insulation prevents growth of mold
  • Interior wall will always remain dry




SIP Walls & Roof Systems

Structural Insulated Panels

SIP InstallationStructural Insulated Panels outperform conventional building methods in virtually every aspect.  Since SIPs save construction time & labor the cost is very similar to that of a quality built traditional 2x6 home.  A SIP home decreases energy consumption by at least 50%.  SIPs save our client’s money starting day one.  EverGreen is partners with Extreme Panel Technologies.



SIPs homes are custom site-built and are up to 10 times stronger than a traditional building; according to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).  SIP homes have been documented to have survived real-life natural disasters such as:

  1. Earthquakes (Kobe Japan and North Ridge)
  2. Hurricanes (Hurricane Andrew)
  3. Tornadoes (Colorado & Tennessee)
  4. Gas explosions (Portland, OR)
  5. Fires (Omaha, NE)



Build Tight, Ventilate Right

Air Quality

The air quality of our indoor environments effects our health and can contribute to building failures.  Each EverGreen home is built to the standard of the American Lung Associations’ Health House Program.  We believe the air inside of our homes is just as important as energy efficiency.

BedroomBuild Tight, Ventilate Right!

A traditional home “breathes” through the walls and roof, this method is very inefficient.

Building a “tight” home means that we need to ventilate the home properly and efficiently using mechanical methods.

Components to Building a Healthy Home

  • Proper Insulated and Waterproofed Foundation
  • SIP walls (advanced air sealing & insulation)
  • Energy Efficient, High Performance Windows
  • High Efficiency Air Filtration
  • Whole House Ventilation (ERV, HRV, AE)
  • Ultra-Violet Air Purification
  • Humidity Control
  • Low or No VOC paints, stains or chemicals.
  • A Knowledgeable Builder