HERS score of 35!

EverGreen Construction has achieved an astounding Energy Star score of 35 HERS (Home Energy Rating System) on their first custom home in Bellevue.  This is currently the most energy efficient home constructed by EverGreen to date and the monthly utility bills, including taxes and service charges, are projected to be $80-$90 per month for this home.  What’s more amazing is that this home does not have geothermal or alternative energy; the home is heated using natural gas.  This score was achieved by careful planning, energy efficient building materials and the knowledge/experience of EverGreen Construction.  This home was also built for the same cost as a traditionally built home.

The HERS index is a MPG for homes; the lower the score, the more efficient the building and lower the utility bills will be for the home.  For more information on the Energy Star HERS index please visit www.energystar.org or contact the experts at EverGreen Construction.