Almost Ready for Roof Panels!

We are making good progress on our current project located west of Dubuque near Graf, and are planning on attaching the roof panels to the home first thing next week. We only have a few walls to erect for the bonus room over the garage and one more beam to attach and the entire home will almost be ready for it’s roof. For having such a small footprint, this home sure has a lot of room for family expansion!

Our Current Project

Steffen Project - March 15, 2012


HERS score of 35!

EverGreen Construction has achieved an astounding Energy Star score of 35 HERS (Home Energy Rating System) on their first custom home in Bellevue.  This is currently the most energy efficient home constructed by EverGreen to date and the monthly utility bills, including taxes and service charges, are projected to be $80-$90 per month for this home.  What’s more amazing is that this home does not have geothermal or alternative energy; the home is heated using natural gas.  This score was achieved by careful planning, energy efficient building materials and the knowledge/experience of EverGreen Construction.  This home was also built for the same cost as a traditionally built home.

The HERS index is a MPG for homes; the lower the score, the more efficient the building and lower the utility bills will be for the home.  For more information on the Energy Star HERS index please visit or contact the experts at EverGreen Construction.

100% LED home lighting

The custom home in Bellevue utilizes 100% high efficiency LED lighting.  We are not talking about the LED lights you find in your local wholesale retailer that are dim, but the latest technology from our distributing company U.S. Sustainable Technologies.

The home features 6″ recessed LED can lights from Cree Lighting (the worldwide leading manufacturer of LED lighting in NC),  a revolutionary new LED bulb in every decorative fixture from a company called LEDnovations (based out of Tampa, FL) and under cabinet lighting and LED step lighting from Nora Lighting (Commerce, CA).   The Schuster’s of EverGreen Construction operate a local distributing company that distributes LED lighting for residential and commercial use.  Contact us today to find out where you can purchase these great new lighting products.



EverGreen Partners with Architect Matthew Lundh

EverGreen is working with local architect Matthew Lundh on designing quality, eco-friendly custom homes at affordable prices.  Our goal has always been to provide our clients with a home that is energy efficient, functional, stylish and affordable! Lundh Architects have a combined 59 years of experience and will help our clients achieve their dream home.

Bellevue Home Energy Star Tested

Our fist home in Bellevue is complete and our clients are very satisfied with the quality, comfort and efficiency that goes with an EverGreen custom home.  The blower door HERS (home energy rating system) test was a success and we are eagerly awaiting the results.

Tri-State Home Performance conducted the blower door test; at 50 pascels of pressure (equivalent to having the home surrounded by a 30mph wind) the home only lost pressure at 113 cfm (cubic feet per min), meaning all of the heat loss in the home was equivalent to a 2″ diameter hole.  To put this in perspective a standard home of equal size would have tested at 1,400 cfm.  This is scientific evidence that proves that the homes we build are without a doubt the most efficient in the area.



Another Benefit to Our Homes

One large benefit to building an EverGreen custom home is energy efficiency for similar cost to that of a traditionally built home.  By utilizing Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) we are able to easily add energy efficient space in what would normally be “hot attic space,” the SIPs provide us with 12″ of closed cell insulation between the living space and roof without air gaps.  This means that the room in the “attic” will not drastically fluctuate with outdoor temperature and keep the second floor within a two degree temperature difference with the main living area.  Look at the photo below and see what how much space you can add to a home with limited cost and increased efficiency.

Bellevue Home

Our first home in the Bellevue area is in the finishing stages, this week we are seeing the plaster, brick, siding and flooring being installed.  We are currently on schedule to be completed by the end of August.

Safety Gate at NICC Daycare

One of our custom safety gates was installed this summer at NICC Daycare in Peosta, IA.  Our gates feature high quality construction, commercial grade hardware and are perfect fit for child care providers both in-home and daycare centers.  Contact us today for all of your safety gate needs.

Trailer has a New Look!

We have unveiled our new refreshed logo and now our trailer has a new look.  The trailer artwork was beautifully designed by our IT Manager, Kevin Schuster and custom printed/fitted to the trailer by Digital Designs in Dubuque, making our trailer a mobile billboard as well as our workstation.



Custom Safety Gates

EverGreen is the local sales representative for Gatekeer’s custom safety gates.  These beautifully crafted gates are custom fitted to your home, available in Oak, Cherry or Maple and come in 30 different paint/stain colors.  See installation photos below or see our display gates at three convenient locations: Dubuque Furniture & Flooring, Oak Street Furniture in Dubuque and Ideal Furniture & Flooring in Dyersville.